Source: From R. L. Sweigert and M. W. Beardsley. Bulletin No. 2, Georgia School of Technology, 1938, except c3hs and c4h,0, which are from h. M. Spencer, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 67 (1945), p. 1859.

Aluminum Polished, 98% pure Commercial sheet Rough plate Heavily oxidized Antimony Polished Bismuth Bright Brass Highly polished Polished Dull plate Oxidized Chromium

Polished sheet Cobalt

Unoxidized Copper Highly polished electrolytic Polished Slightly polished Polished, lightly tarnished Dull

Black oxidized Gold

Pure, highly polished Inconel X, stably oxidized B, stably oxidized X and B, polished Iron and Steel Mild steel, polished Steel, polished Sheet steel, ground Sheet steel, rolled Sheet steel, strong rough oxide Steel, oxidized at 1100°F Cast iron, with skin Cast iron, newly turned Cast iron, polished Cast iron, oxidized Iron, red rusted Iron, heavily rusted Wrought iron, smooth Wrought iron, dull oxidized Stainless, polished

Stainless, after repeated heating and cooling Lead Polished Gray, oxidized Oxidized at 390°F Oxidized at 1100°F Magnesium Polished Manganin

Bright rolled Mercury Pure, clean

0 0

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