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2. Plot the shear stress versus the shear rate on log-log paper as shown in Fig. 5 -48. Find n from the slope of 600-300 rpm curve:

It will usually be found that n and K can be determined from the 600 and 300 dial readings for flow in the drill pipe, and from the 100 and 6 rpm readings for flow in t he annulus.

Table 5-3

Factors for Converting Common Field Units into Coherent Metric Units (cgs) for use in Hydraulic Calculations

Field Unit

Multiplied by

Equals Metric


Gallons. US (gal)

Barrels, US (bbl)

Feet per second (ft/sec) Feet per minute (ft/min) Pounds (mass) per square inch (psi) Pounds (mass) per square inch per foot (psi/ft)

Pounds (mass) per 100 square feet (lb/100 ft2) Pounds (mass) per gallon (lb/gal) Pounds (mass) per cubic foot (lb/ft3) Centipoise (cp)

Reyn (poundals per foot second) Gallons per minute (gpm) Barrels per minute (bbl/min.)

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