* H ~ Kvcatcs ihe decimal point.

** At 2 I- 14^') ihe specific gravity of water is I and a lolunin of water I foot lii-jh exen«- a pressure of 0.433 pound/inch2 (psi).

"" The unit of weight in the US system is the pound (avoridupois) lb. The unit of force is the poundul defined as pounds divided by the gravitational constant, 32.174 ft/secThese terms are used in this table to avoid confusion over the terms pounds (mass) and pounds (force).

Table A-2

Factors for Converting Common U.S. Field Units to Convenient SI Units*

Quantity Property

Previous units

SI unit


Conversion factors multiply by


Hole & pipe din meters bit size Weight on bit Nozzle size Drill rate Volume

Pump output

& flow-rate

Annular velocity feet/min Slip velocity Liner length inches & diameter Pressure psi

Bentonite yield bbl/ton

Particle size Temperature microns Fahrenheit meters millimeters meters per min m/min millimeters kilopascals megapascals cubic meters per tonne micrometers Celsius mm kPa M Pa m\t

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