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81 Comparing Present and Future Costs 811 The Effect of Time on the Value of Money

Before one can compare first costs (i.e., capital costs) and operating costs, one must apply a correction, because a dollar (or any other currency unit) to be paid in the future does not have the same value as a dollar available today. This time dependence of money is due to two quite different causes. The first is inflation, the well known and ever present erosion of the value of our currency. The second reflects the fact that a dollar today can buy goods to be The discussion begins with inflation. To avoid confusion, subscripts have been added to the currency signs, indicating the year in which the currency is specified. For example, during the mid-1980s and 1990s, the inflation rate rinf in Western industrial countries was around rinif 4 . Thus, a dollar bill in 1999 is worth only 1 (1 + 0.04) as much as the same dollar bill one year before. The simplest way of dealing with inflation is to eliminate it from the analysis right at the start by using so-called constant currency and...

8572 New Types of Energy Swaps Developing Rapidly

Rapid development and adoption of interest rate and currency financial tools have, in turn, brought new swap instruments to the energy markets. These instruments include basis swaps, location swaps, weather swaps, and calendar swaps. Basis and location swaps allow positions in different energy markets to be hedged and are popular in the natural gas market. Calendar swaps allow prices to be locked in for seasonal or annual periods. Swaps have become more price transparent as real-time market news services, such as Dow Jones Markets, post bid and ask quotes for energy swap deals. Also, a new swap product has been developed that includes the right to extend or shorten the duration of the original agreement, creating volume flexibility.

25 Meeting the challenge of change

Currency fluctuations, government policy and competitive pressure all ensure that the way we operate in five years' time will be different from the way we operate today. Reacting to new technology, new products and new legislation guarantees that every year will present a steep learning curve. Reflect on the last five years and expect twice as much change in the next five.

Modern Applications

Today, the electroforming industry sees a number of high-tech uses for nickel, copper, iron, and alloy deposits to electrofabricate exceedingly important components such as the main combustion chamber for the Space Shuttle, heart pump components, body joint implants (prosthetic devices), high-precision optical scanners and holographic masters (for credit cards, etc.), and recording masters. Fabrication of duplicating plates such as electrotypes, video disc stampers, and currency embossing plates is manufacturing technology of today that employs electroforming. High-precision parts such as molds and dies, where tolerances of internal surfaces are critical, are pieces for which electroforming can be used advantageously. Optical memory disc mold cavities, including those for compact discs (CD and video discs) rely on the virtually perfect surface reproduction found with the electroforming process. The average optical disc requires

Transaction Databases

In all the reported instances of scheduling system implementations, the developers have first had to create or deploy interface software to retrieve the transaction data from the management information systems. Depending on the currency of the data, or the frequency at which shop floor status reports were

8552 Different Types of Swaps Users

Since most types of energy swap transactions were originally written for crude oil, a brief review of some of the variations is useful before discussing applications to electricity. Swaps and options, like futures, can be used to hedge crude oil production and product prices, carry inventory costs, and finance projects. Oil price swaps protect the value of oil in the ground and allow producers to hedge long-term price risk for their assets while selling production at market prices. Producers receive a fixed payment based on the contracted price with the third party. The transaction is made for an agreed-upon period of time. Banks also can arrange oil producer swaps to pay down debt and tie in interest rate and currency risk as well. Oil price swaps are particularly good instruments for exploration and production companies. These companies need to incorporate price floors into their development loans to mitigate their repayment risk by ensuring that cash flow requirements are met. This...

323 Economic Risk Modeling

The cost variables are related to the cost of design, construction, installation, and operation (including maintenance). The income variables, however, are related to the reservoir size and characteristics, oil and gas prices, currency fluctuations, inflation and interest changes, and taxation rules. Modeling the uncertainties associated with income and cost variables is therefore the core of economic risk modeling.

1561 Wind Farm Screening Chart

Figure 15-4 is a wind farm profitability screening chart based on cost of capital (discount rate) of 8 percent, project life of 15 years, initial cost of 1,100 European currency units per kW capacity, and the operating and maintenance cost of 3 percent of the initial project cost.3 The chart takes into account the inflation at a constant rate, i.e., the costs and revenues rising at the same rate. The taxes on sales, if any, must be deducted from the average selling price before it is entered in reading the chart. An example for using the chart follows

182 Types Of Approximate Estimate

The need to convert prices from a variety of currencies is likely to pose a problem. Should such conversions be made at the current exchange rate, at that in force at the time of contract or at that applying at the date of settlement Assuming the price is a contract one, it is probably best to update this to the required date staying in the currency of the shipbuilder and using an inflation index applicable to the country of build and then convert to the required currency.

826 Cost per Unit of Delivered Electrical Energy

The cost of on-site power is calculated as the ratio of levelized annual cost and the annual delivered good, namely, electricity. The levelized annual cost is obtained by multiplying the life cycle cost from Eq. 8.34 by the capital recovery factor for discount rate and system life. There appear two possibilities the real discount rate rd0 and the market discount rate rd. The quantity (A P,rd0,N) CUfe is the annual cost in constant dollars (of the initial year), whereas (A P,rd,N) CUfe is the annual cost in inflating dollars. The latter is difficult to interpret because it is an average over dollars of different real value. Therefore, we levelize with the real discount rate because it expresses everything in first year dollars, consistent with the currency of CUfe. Thus, we write the annual cost in initial dollars as

The Fast Charger Configuration

The station controller regulates the charge current either in the (a) automatic mode, as a slave to the charge controller on board the vehicle or (b) in manual mode, according to the manual current, voltage and time settings. The switching inverter and the station controller are designed in such a way that they are capable of fast turn-on and turn-off in several milliseconds. A digital readout provides indication for charge voltage (V), charge current (A), delivered energy (kWhr), and the monetary charge in the currency units ( ). The EV is equipped with a jack, a battery pack, and a charge controller. The charge controller monitors the battery pack (or its individual modules) by sense control lines. The charge controller communicates with the battery station controller via the signal lines.

32 Process Hazard Analysis

Operating procedures specify the way tasks are to be performed, data to be recorded, operating conditions to be maintained, samples to be collected, and actions to enhance safety and health. Their accuracy, currency and utility is verified by the engineering staff and operating personnel. They include applicable safety precautions and warnings regarding pressure limits, temperature ranges, flow rates, and the meaning and response to alarms and instruments. Procedures for startup and shutdown are included with the appropriate ranges for the process parameters. They include instructions and commands for computer process control, if used.

98 Dependent Failures

The terminology used in the field has changed somewhat over the years. Initially, the term generally used was 'common mode failure' (CMF). The term 'common cause failure' (CCF) then gained currency. Some debate arose as to the difference between the two. The term 'dependent failure' (DF) is now preferred. A set of definitions is given by Humphreys and Johnston. They define dependent failure as 'the failure of a set of events, the probability of which cannot be expressed as the simple product of the unconditional failure probabilities of the individual events'. They treat common mode failure as a subset of common cause failure in which the failures are in the same mode and due to the same cause. They also refer to and include a fourth category, cascade failures, or propagating failures.

Case Study Predator And Prey Robots At Magna

In this penultimate section of our chapter, we describe the predator-and-prey robots developed by one of the authors (Noel Sharkey) as a museum exhibit for public engagement with science at the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham, UK (http ). In the earlier Maintenance of Energy section, we introduced the concept of artificial ecologies, as pioneered by Grey Walter. Sharkey extended the biological inspiration of recharging to the development of an artificial food chain where the main currency was electricity. Some of the robots recharge under light

Anticounterfeiting And Tamper Indicator Devices

Counterfeiting, forgery, tampering, and piracy of valuable documents and products has existed from time immemorial. Counterfeiting has become a multibillion dollar business that is prospering more than many of the victim companies. This highly organized trade results in lost revenue to both companies and governments, as well as loss jobs in private and public sectors. The motivation for professional counterfeiters is the ease of making huge profits and the risk of being caught and penalized is very low. It is impossible to enumerate the products or documents that are counterfeited or to quantify their impact on vulnerable consumers. Activities of counterfeiters have increased in developed countries. The incidence of counterfeiting is even greater in developing countries which have become a dumping ground for counterfeit products. A partial list of goods that are commonly faked include antiquities, currency, letters of credit, credit cards, jewelry, chemicals, processed food,...

Estimating traffic growth

To plan aircraft development programmes it is necessary to estimate future trends in air transport for both passenger and freight businesses. The number of aircraft movements is mainly related to the demand for passenger travel. Econometric analysis of historical data shows a strong correlation between world economic growth and the demand for air transport. This confirms that an expansion in business travel and cargo transport are linked to growth in commercial and world trading activity. The level of personal disposable income affects the demand for leisure travel. The standard of service provided has a direct influence on the customer's motivation to travel. All these issues are affected by such factors as the price of the air ticket, international currency exchange rates, availability and frequency of the service, expansion and development of routes and changes in the regulations governing airline operations.

Early Applications

Boettger of Germany used nickel plating in the 1840s to produce exacting replicates of art objects by the electroforming process. Electroformed articles, including sculpture, bas-reliefs, and statues from nickel, iron, or copper were produced prior to 1870. Of special interest were the huge electroformed street lamps found in downtown Paris, the production of which might be considered an enormous world-record accomplishment for electrodeposition. Iron electroforming had early applications in the duplication of printing plates for coinage and currency because of its facility to produce the highest accuracy in copying engraved masters.

810 Cost estimations

Fortunately, historical data shows that many of the cost parameters are related to aircraft design variables (e.g. aircraft empty weight, installed engine thrust, number of engines, aircraft operational speed, and the overall system complexity). Other factors are related directly to manufacturing variables (e.g. labour rates, number of aircraft produced and the production rate). Due to the variability of the value of a currency with time, it is always essential to 'normalise' the quoted cost numbers to a specific date (year). This means that inflation rates for the currency must be applied to any data used. Cost estimates must always state the year to which they are indexed.

164 Value modeling

In which value V is proportional to each performance metric P. The coefficients a are exchange constants they relate the performance metrics Pi ,P2 to V, which is measured in units of currency ( , , DM, FF, etc.). The exchange constants are defined by Frequently one of the objectives is that of minimizing cost, C, so that P1 C. Since we have chosen to measure value in units of currency, unit change in C gives unit change in V, with the result that

NOX Controls

More than half the states in the United States have developed some type of emissions trading program for NOx aimed at helping sources reduce compliance costs and or find offsets. The majority of these programs use an emissions reduction credit (ERC) as the unit of currency for the trading program. ERCs represent a permanent, quantifiable, and surplus reduction in emissions below that which a source was allowed to emit. The process for generating, trading, and using ERCs is cumbersome. There is a serious effort underway to streamline NOx trading programs to eliminate this problem and stimulate market development.

Fieldbus Diagnostics

Information is the currency of the information age and fieldbus-based devices provide control variables as well as lots of noncontrol information. Data about equipment exceeding operating conditions and other abnormal behavior can be used for predictive maintenance scheduling, which minimizes unplanned downtime. Detailed device self diagnostics and automatic failure alarms can be used to determine if a problem is due to the sensor or without involving field visits.

859 Banking Aspects

Multinational banks and energy companies have always had a strong business relationship due to the large capital needs and worldwide operations of the oil industry. Banks have provided services related to taxation, cash management, and foreign exchange and interest rate risk management. Many energy transactions are not new business, but are merely renewals of funding for existing facilities these capital requirements are high and provide profitable margins for lending banks. Moreover, relationship banks can offer cross-border financial services, including currency swaps, as part of any commodity-linked transaction. Because the oil and gas industries are cyclical and have high price volatility, price risk management is an element that will increasingly be incorporated into new energy lending. While many energy companies have not yet utilized these tools due to unfamiliarity, the benefits of customized risk management, including interest rate and currency risk reduction, are becoming...

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