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1 Credit Worthiness

Credit evaluation considers the credit contribution of the particular project and, more important, the credit of the host user. Usually, an energy savings project will not be pivotal to the credit of any going concern. If it is, however, that concern's financing options become restricted to structures that protect the creditor from the general risks of the business and rely on the economics of the project. The usual circumstance is that the host user has an established credit history and current risk profile and that the project's impact on the credit will be inconsequential. However, in certain cases, it may be acceptable to put in place a project with a host that many consider non-creditworthy. The beauty of structured finance lies in its ability to structure around what would otherwise not be acceptable from a pure corporate credit sense. There are many examples in which a project has a better credit than the party it sells the majority of its off-take to. Essential elements of...

Details And Terminology

In all cases, the borrower will pay an interest charge to borrow money. The interest rate is called the cost of capital. The cost of capital is essentially dependent on three factors (1) the borrower's credit rating, (2) project risk and (3) external risk. External risk can include energy price volatility, industry-specific economic performance as well as global economic conditions and trends. The cost of capital (or cost of borrowing) influences the return on investment. If the cost of capital increases, then the return on investment decreases.

Outsourcing Energy Systems to Third Party Owners Operators

Savings are usually realized in the form of a reduced purchase cost of energy resources. This savings stream can then be compared to the net cash-flow generated through the various other types of financing approaches. The ESCo investor will still be interested in the credit worthiness of the host facility in much the same way as the financier, since the monthly or annual payments made by the host facility for the purchased energy must ultimately compensate for the repayment of the capital funding of the project.

What does this mean

Although the ISO 9000 family addresses all interested parties, ISO 9001 focuses on customers and therefore the statutory and regulatory requirements referred to in this requirement are those pertaining directly or indirectly to the product or service supplied. However, there are few regulations that in some way would not impact the customer if not complied with. Customers not only purchase products and services but also often desire a sustaining relationship so that they can rely on consistent quality, delivery and cost. If the operations are suspended through non-compliance with environmental, health and safety legislation, existing customers will be affected and potential customers lost. The absence of key personnel due to occupational health reasons may well impact deliveries and relationships. Some customers require their suppliers to operate ethically and conserve the environment. If the financial laws are breached causing the organization to cut costs to pay the fines, credit...

Selection of Equipment

Lack of working capital Creditworthiness of the supplier Unavailability of technical support Uncontrollable growth at supplier's plant Work delays due to safety and labor problems Problems in meeting technical performance specification during construction Obtain a credit reference from the financial institution with which the supplier is connected.

Classic Case Study 1 Well Known Datasets

The GA-based approach gave perfectly acceptable results, with statistical analysis showing it performed better than C4.5 (Quinlan, 1992) on the Australian Credit Data (p 0.0018). No significant difference in performance was found for the other two datasets. These results are summarised in Table 2.

202 Vehicle Arson and Incendiary Fires

Of course, the above list is not complete. It just represents the most common motives. Verification of either of the first two potential motives can be checked relatively easy by routine background credit checks by an adjuster, private investigator, or law enforcement authority. In the case of the lemon motive, maintenance records at the dealership or local garage used by the suspect are generally readily available.

Financing of Capital Expenditures

Most municipal bonds carry a credit rating from at least one of the private rating agencies, Standard & Poor's or Moody's Investor Service. Both firms attempt to measure the credit worthiness of borrowers, focusing on the potential for decrease on bond quality by subsequent debt and on the risk of default. Although it is not the sole determinant, the issuer's rating helps to determine the interest costs of borrowing, since individual bond purchasers have little else to guide them, and commercial banks wishing to purchase bonds are constrained by federal regulations to favor investments in the highest rating categories. Despite the availability of GO financing and good credit, municipalities may face difficulties in raising capital because of the state of the market, while some borrowers may be precluded from borrowing altogether. Two trends are of particular significance. Periods of high rates of inflation are expected to lead to higher interest rates for all municipal borrowers....

2 Project Cash Flow

The previous chapter discussed project cash flow and the various methods by which cash flow is used to evaluate the project's financial impact. The financial analysis tools presented in that chapter, such as NPV and DCF, consider present value (PV) of future cash flows over the life of a project at a given discount or cost of capital rate. These are tools of capital budgeting analysis. The tools of credit analysis are more pragmatic they measure the host's ability to pay for the project. To produce positive cash flow, it is therefore necessary to extend the finance term to the point at which the combination of monthly financing and operating costs still produce net monthly savings. However, the length of the financing term may be limited by several factors, most importantly the useful life of the equipment and or the life of the contract the latter is usually the limiting factor. Generally, however, if the host user can demonstrate credit worthiness and the project shows enough...

8583 Summary

The futures exchanges provide financial integrity to the commodity markets and guarantee the performance of their contracts. This is not an unimportant point, for, in the U.S., no energy futures contract has ever defaulted. Performance is guaranteed by brokers, the clearinghouse, and the exchange. All transactions are matched and offset at settlement. Although there is a perception among the public that futures exchanges exist primarily for speculation, hedging is their true function. The creditworthiness of the exchanges and their standardized, fungible contracts is essential to off-exchange trading, where counter-party performance is a key component of swaps agreements. In off-exchange transactions, the market maker assumes the functions of an exchange. If a transaction unravels, the market maker must perform. Large banks, major oil companies, and large traders not only can make a market, but because of their creditworthiness and performance capability, their customers have...

855Price Swap

There are many components of a swap that must be agreed upon before a binding contract is written. Generally, the following elements are needed to structure a commodity swap the commodity the quantity to be swapped each month, quarter, or year the duration of the swap the fixed price against which the index (market) price will be evaluated to derive the difference the index basis such as McGraw-Hill's Power Markets Week, Dow Jones Markets, Gas Daily, NYMEX, or IPE and settlement procedures regarding payment including creditworthiness standards.

Small CPUs

That's the sound of the incessant information processing that subtly surrounds us, that keeps us warm, washes our clothes, cycles water to the lawn, and generally makes life a little more tolerable. It's so quiet and keeps such a low profile that even embedded designers forget how much our lives are dominated by data processing. Sure, we rail at the banks' mainframes for messing up a credit report while the fridge kicks into auto-defrost and the microwave spits out another meal.

Project Funding

Facilities may choose to finance project implementation internally, through a capital budgeting process, through the use of external funding, or a combination of both. The options for funding capital projects range from unsecured balance sheet financing to complex collateral-ized structured project financing. Key factors that will influence the choice of options are the credit strength of the user host and the distribution of risk between the owner and the source of capital funds. The stronger the credit profile of the user host, the greater the financing options. The objective is to capture the cash flow generated by a project in a secure, segregated financial structure that is bankruptcy-proof and directs cash flow to the exclusive use of the projects.

Credit Card Management Philosophy

Credit Card Management Philosophy

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