Technique Principles

Vapor-Phase Epitaxy. Tietjen and Amick (Ref 1) demonstrated the growth of gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP) by VPE in 1966. The growth of materials based on indium phosphide (InP) can be achieved in a horizontal reactor with two temperature zones, such as a fused-silica tube surrounded by multiple furnace windings. High-purity hydrogen (H2) is a common carrier gas, and arsine (AsH3) and phosphine (PH3) are used as the arsenic and phosphorus sources, respectively. Pure indium metal is used as the Group III elemental source. Gaseous species are generated in the first zone (source zone), which is held at a higher temperature than the second zone (deposition zone). For the growth of InP, gaseous species are generated at 750 to 800 °C (1380 to 1470 °F), according to the reactions:

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