Spindle Finishing Machines

Spindle finishing is categorized as a mass finishing process, although parts to be deburred or finished are mounted on fixtures. The process uses fine abrasive media for finishing. The spindle machine is a circular rotating tub that holds the abrasive media, and a rotating or oscillating spindle to which the part is fixed. The workpiece mounted on the spindle is immersed into the rapidly moving abrasive slurry, causing the abrasive to flow swiftly over rough edges and over the surfaces of components. In some designs, the media container is stationary, and the fixtures move the parts rapidly through the media. Figure 5 shows a layout of a spindle machine.

Fig. 5 Two-spindle mass finishing machine

The media used are usually small aluminum oxide nuggets, although all forms of small finishing media are applicable. Most operations are carried out in a water solution, although very fine finishing of some components can be achieved by dry operation using media composed of fine abrasives and corncob or walnut shells.

Process cycles in spindle equipment rarely exceed 20 min and are frequently less than 30 s. The equipment is well suited for parts such as gears, sprockets, and bearing cages where parts cannot be allowed to contact one another. Equipment can deburr, edge radius, and produce very fine surface finishes. Because parts are fixtured, part-on-part impingement does not occur during the process or at reload time. The limitations of this process result primarily from the need to fixture the workpieces. Where parts can be handled entirely satisfactorily in bulk in vibratory equipment, centrifugal barrel machines, or centrifugal disc equipment, the operation will be more economical, convenient, and versatile.

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