The potential exposure and flash of solvent emulsions has been mentioned several times in this article. This is not to say that these solutions are unsafe, only that they are safe when used properly, particularly those recently developed formulations with flash points above 95 °C (200 °F). Keeping the heat 8 to 20 °C (15 to 40 °F) below the flash point and using steam or electric heat are the main factors in reducing flash potential. Wiring used in the vicinity of emulsion cleaning operations should be explosion-resistant for immersion systems, explosion-proof for spray systems.

Emulsions are not highly toxic or carcinogenic. (Those currently sold in the market do not use a chlorinated solvent base.) Generally, manufacturers recommend that operators wear a minimum of rubber gloves and apron. Normal eye protection is suggested, but most emulsions do not require full face shields.

The type of proper ventilation varies with different emulsions. Some require special permits or exhaust stack controls.

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