A good water rinse is essential for good cleaning. The temperature of the water rinse may be hot, warm, or cold, but regardless of the temperature the solution should be kept clean. Warm water is usually the best for rinsing. Cold rinses are less efficient than warm rinses, while hot rinses may promote the rapid formation of an oxide film commonly known as "flash rust."

The water rinse should contain no more than 3% of the concentration of the cleaner solution. For example, if the cleaner is prepared at 30 g/L (4 oz/gal), the rinse water should contain no more than 0.9 g/L (0.12 oz/gal). The water rinse is mainly responsible for removing residual cleaner, but it may also remove a small amount of soil. Water rinsing can be done by either immersion, spray, or a combination.

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