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3. Bond Testing, Babbitt-Lined Bearings, Military Standard DOD-STD-2183SH, 1985 Metal-Spray Babbitting

Babbitting by the metal-spray method requires special equipment consisting of an acetylene/oxygen flame spray gun that uses a high tin-base babbitt in wire form. The molten alloy is sprayed on a bond coating, which has been previously sprayed on the bearing shell. The buildup of the babbitt is relatively slow, and bond strengths are somewhat lower than with other methods; however, voids are eliminated and a high-quality product results. Spray babbitt thicknesses to 26 mm (1.02 in.) are possible, and spray control is sufficient to require only a small excess of deposit for subsequent machining. Overspray losses are minimal. Mechanical aids to hold the babbitt to the bearing shell are not necessary and are not recommended for this process, and skill levels for operators are not as high as those required for static babbitting.

Phosphate Coatings

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