Preservation of Mill Finishes

In making a finished part, the original mill finish may be retained with little or no modification, depending on fabrication requirements. If this finish is satisfactory, no additional finishing operations are necessary. Therefore, every effort should be made to preserve the mill finish while the steel is in storage or being processed. The following preventive measures will serve to minimize additional cleaning and polishing:

• Steel should be kept in original containers or wrappers until fabrication actually begins.

• Steel should be stored indoors, on clean racks, shelves, or platforms, and should be covered wherever possible.

• Storage areas should be kept free of shop dirt, pickling or plating fumes, particles of scale from steel fabrication, and other contaminants.

• Storage areas should not be located beneath line shafting from which lubricating oils and grease may fall.

• Fabricating equipment should be cleaned of all residues before being used for a new operation on stainless steel.

• Steel should be handled with clean gloves or cloths, to avoid fingerprints.

• Only marking materials that leave no permanent blemishes on work should be used.

• Whenever feasible, paper or other protective covering should be placed on all surfaces between processes.

• Chips should not be removed by compressed air, which may contain oil or other contaminants.

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