Post Treatments

Mechanical plating post treatments are similar to those used in electroplating. The coating is most receptive to post treatment immediately after plating, while it is still wet. A mild acid dip (e.g., 1% nitric acid) will reactivate parts that have already been dried. Conversion coatings such as clear or blue, yellow, olive drab, or black chromates can be applied. Mechanically plated parts can also be painted. A chromate coating pretreatment will improve paint adhesion.

The color, luster, and iridescence obtained with colored or clear chromates are somewhat different than those obtained on electroplated surfaces, but are well within the normal range of acceptable appearance and performance. Waxes, lacquers, and silicates will satisfactorily adhere to the coating and will enhance the lubricity, durability, appearance, and corrosion resistance of the surface. No baking for embrittlement relief is required prior to or after supplementary treatment.

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