Nickel Chromium

There are many references in the published literature to the deposition of nickel-chromium and iron-nickel-chromium alloys from simple salt solutions, but these solutions have not achieved commercial application except for a proprietary process used for depositing thin decorative coatings (Ref 24).

Alloys of nickel with 22% Cr can be prepared by codepositing chromium carbide particles with nickel followed by heat treatment for 24 h at 1000 °C (1800 °F) in hydrogen. Hardness of the alloy after the heat treatment is 223 HV, compared with 55 HV for similarly treated plain nickel (Ref 21, 25).

Alloys containing 19% Co or 20% Fe in addition to chromium are produced by codepositing chromium carbide from nickel-cobalt or nickel-iron base solutions and heat treating (Ref 21).

Heat treatment in hydrogen gives almost complete decarburization with the nickel-cobalt-chromium alloy, and hardness after heat treatment is 215 HV. Approximately 0.8% C remains in the nickel-iron-chromium alloy, however, which might account for its higher hardness, 332 HV.

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