For obtaining consistently good results, a regular schedule of maintenance is recommended for any immersion or spray cleaning installation. The required frequency of maintenance varies considerably with the specific operation. Experience with a particular installation soon indicates the items that need close attention to prevent costly shutdowns or inadequate cleaning. The following list suggests a program for maintaining immersion and spray systems:


• Check temperature

• Check solution concentration

• Check and adjust spray nozzles

• Clean screens in spray systems


• Decant or dump solutions and recharge

• Remove sludge from tanks, heating coils, and temperature regulators

• Flush risers in spray systems

• Remove and clean spray nozzles


• Inspect exhaust hoods

• Clean tank exteriors

• Check temperature control systems

• Inspect pumps in spray systems

• Inspect spray nozzles, and replace if necessary


• Clean heating coils and exhaust hoods

• Clean and paint exterior components

• Clean riser scale

• Dismantle and repair pumps

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