Example 1

Anodic coatings were dark and blotchy on 80 to 85% of a production run of construction workers' helmets made of alloy 2024. After drawing, these helmets had been heat treated in stacks, water quenched, artificially aged, alkaline etched with sodium hydroxide solution, anodized in sulfuric acid solution, sealed, and dried. The dark areas centered at the crowns of the helmets and radiated outward in an irregular pattern. Examination disclosed the presence of precipitated constituents and lower hardness in the dark areas. The condition proved to be the result of restricted circulation of the quench water when the helmets were stacked, which permitted precipitation of constituents because of a slower cooling rate in the affected areas. The problem was solved by separating the helmets with at least 75 mm (3 in.) of space during heating and quenching.

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