Equipment for Alkaline Cleaners

All equipment for alkaline cleaners can be constructed of low-carbon steel. However, construction from 300 series stainless steel will significantly increase life and simplify maintenance. Stainless steel is recommended for areas that are exposed to highly corrosive environments, such as circulation pumps and heat exchangers. For cleaner stage piping, plastic is used increasingly often due to its excellent resistance to corrosion.

The simplest type of cleaning line is immersion, where the equipment consists of a tank, a source of heat (such as gas, electricity, steam, or a heat exchanger), and an exhaust system to draw off the steam being generated by the hot cleaner. For a spray system, additional equipment includes a spray pump, riser, nozzles, and a spray zone enclosure. Periodically, the cleaning tank and spray equipment must be cleaned in order to remove the scale and contaminants that build up during normal operations. The cleaning method consists of circulating an inhibited acid throughout the cleaning system until the scale and hard water deposits are removed. These deposits cause reduced spray pressures and inefficient heating. If not removed, they could permanently damage the equipment. After acidic cleaning, the tank is thoroughly rinsed and charged with fresh cleaner.

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