The cost of shot peening on a production basis depends on several factors, including the size, shape, and hardness of parts, the total area to be peened, and the required intensity and coverage. Shot type, size, and velocity also influence costs, because they affect peening intensity, rate of shot breakdown, and the rate at which the desired coverage is obtained.

With an increase in shot velocity, the rate of shot breakdown increases far more rapidly than the intensity of the peening blast; however, the weight of a shot pellet varies directly, while the number of pellets per kilogram (pound) of shot varies inversely, with the cube of the diameter of the pellet. Consequently, for a given Almen intensity, coverage is obtained much more rapidly with smaller shot and higher velocity. Because of these opposing factors, the number of kilograms (pounds) of shot used per part is virtually the same for various shot sizes, assuming similar intensity, coverage, and control of uniform shot size. The use of small shot at high velocity increases production rate and reduces labor costs.

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