Confined Space Entry

Entering a confined space such as a vapor degreaser is potentially life threatening and requires adherence to OSHA regulations (Section 1910.146 of Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations). Another resource for information on confined space entry is ASTM D 4276-84. Some of the questions to consider are:

• Has management approval been obtained?

• Has the entire solvent volume been drained from all portions of the degreaser, and has all solvent vapor been vented? (Note: Ventilation should continue during tank entry.)

• Has the electric power to conveyors, pumps, and motors been turned off and locked?

• Have all liquid transfer lines been opened and capped?

• Has the atmosphere in the enclosed area been tested for flammable and toxic vapor concentrations and the presence of adequate (19.5%) oxygen in the air?

• Has a properly trained and equipped observer been assigned?

• Have nearby employees been alerted to the tank entry operation, and have enclosed area entry placards been posted?

• Have the person(s) entering the tank and the observer(s) been equipped with a rescue harness and lifeline, a self-contained breathing apparatus, and proper protective clothing (e.g., gloves)?

• Is a hoist or pulley system available in case rescue would require a vertical lift?

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