Electrochemical measurements provide useful information about the fundamental corrosion behavior of coating-substrate systems in particular environments. However, it is not valid to draw conclusions about one aspect of a system from the results of one test. For example, a relatively low current density measurement for one coating system in a specific environment does not necessarily mean that the coating material is better than the others being tested. For a fairly complete analysis of corrosion mechanisms and behavior of a particular system, a combination of tests and measurements is needed.

Accelerated tests can only partially simulate the actual corrosion behavior of a given system. However, they are able to provide qualitative and reproducible results for the development and quality assurance of coating systems. Often, a combination of tests is used in practice.

In general, the corrosion resistance of a system can be improved by producing dense coating structures through the optimization of deposition techniques and process parameters, by selecting noble coating materials, and by using dense and noble interlayers.

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Thin Films

Franz R. Brotzen, Rice University

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