Characteristics of Finished Surfaces

Surface generation is the primary output of all the methods described in this Section. It is natural, then, to address the characteristics of the generated surfaces and the methods used to measure them.

"Topography of Surface."One of the key characteristics of generated surfaces is the topography. Many contact and noncontact methods are used to measure surfaces, and a number of parameters are used to describe surface features, such as roughness, waviness, and bearing ratio.

"Microstructural Analysis of Finished Surfaces." Because finishing methods generate surfaces by material removal processes, they modify the microstructure of the work material through thermal and mechanical interactions. These results on the generated surfaces are measured and monitored through a number of methods.

"Residual Effects of Finishing Methods." Surface generation processes alter the geometry, topography, and microstructural aspects of finished surfaces. These in turn influence the behavior of the surface under various loads or forces (e.g., mechanical, optical, electrical, and magnetic properties).

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