The author thanks the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society (AESF), headquartered in Orlando, Florida, for its kind permission to use excerpts, data, and process schematics from the slide course entitled "Continuous Steel Strip Electroplating" (Ref 1) and from the valuable proceedings of a number of symposia on this subject sponsored by AESF, referenced throughout this chapter. The author also thanks H.E. Townsend and R.G. Herczeg, both of Homer Research Laboratories, for the idea of using combined surface-morphology and cross-sectional micrographs and for providing such micrographs. Finally, the author thanks the following reviewers for their invaluable contributions to this chapter: R.N. Steinbicker, Bethlehem Steel Corporation; W.R. Johnson, U.S. Steel Division of USX Corporation; and G.W. Bush, Bush and Associates.

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