55RJ Kennedy Thin Solid Films Vol 214 1992 p 223 Materials

PLD is currently being used to deposit thin films for a wide range of technological applications. These films vary from epitaxial superlattices of electronic materials to polycrystalline bioceramics. Several recent review articles have attempted to catalog research efforts to date ( Ref 15, 56, 57), indexing films by composition, phase, and the laser used to deposit the film. It would appear that the vast majority of research published to date on PLD has been directed at multicomponent oxides. The technique offers a clear advantage when the material contains more than two elements. The ceramic superconductors have provided the complex materials needed to accelerate research in PLD.

High-Temperature Superconductors. More research has been devoted to PLD of superconductors than to PLD of any other class of materials. There are two classes of oxide superconductors:

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