centered in the bore during the plating operation. Plating thickness ranges from 8 to 13 pm (320 to 520 pin.). Example 6: Application of Shields to Produce Uniform Cadmium-Plated Shim.

A shim, 305 mm (12 in.) long by 40 mm (12 in.) wide by 2.4 mm (0.095 in.) thick, is shown in Fig. 7. Parallelism of all sides, as well as plate thickness, was extremely critical. When this part was plated in a simple rack, plate thickness varied from 13 ^m (520 ^in.) at the center to 50 to 75 ^m (0.002 to 0.003 ^in.) at the edges and ends.

By using shields that approximated the outline of the shim, it was possible to plate cadmium all over to a depth of 13 ± 5 ^m (520 ± 200 ^in.). The part was gently agitated in a still bath.

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