Scs 9a

3.2 mils (80 ^m) 0.1 lb/in.3 (2.8 g/cm3) 500 ksi (3450 MPa)

Textron manufactures silicon carbide-containing fibers derived from carbon. SCS-6 is a round fiber, measuring 5.6 mils in diameter. A smaller fiber, named SCS-9A, is 3.2 mils in diameter, more easily bent, and suitable for parts with small radii. This round fiber is 50/50 Si/C. Textron's newest and strongest fiber is SCS-ULTRA, a round fiber measuring 5.6 mils diameter (Table 3.7).

3M Corporation provides metal oxide fibers as its Nextelâ„¢ alumina-boria-silica fibers. Oxide-based CFCCs are appropriate for oxidizing high-temperature environments.

All fibers are coated to produce slippage of fibers in the matrix and to protect the fiber during composite manufacture and corrosive attack in use. All of these fibers may be woven in 2 or 3 dimensions.

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