Example-Alloy 6061 hollow profile (shape) having 1x3 rectangular outside dimensions; width tolerance is ±0.021 inch and depth tolerance ±0.034 inch. (Tolerances at comers, Col. 2, metal dimensions, are ±0.024 inch for the width and ±0.012 inch for the depth.) Note that the Col. 4 tolerance of 0.021 inch must be adjusted to 0.024 inch so that it is not less than the Col. 2 tolerance.

°9These tolerances do not apply to space dimensions such as dimensions X and Z of the example (right), even when Y is 75 percent or more of X. For the tolerance applicable to dimensions X and Z, use Col. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, dependent on distance A.

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i-3t or Greater olOThe wall thickness tolerance for hollow or semihollow profiles (shapes) shall be as agreed upon between purchaser and vendor at the time the contract or order is entered when the nominal thickness of one wall is three times or greater than that of the opposite wall.

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