Application Technology Ceramic/conductor Ceram/Cu

Carrier Size (mm)

K (effective) Time of flight (ps/mm) SCM/MCM Chips/MCM Number of layers Plane pairs Total wiring (m) Chip I/O pitch (^m) Internal wiring pitch (^m) Linewidth (^m) Board I/O Thin film K

Time of flight (ps/mm) Number of layers Number of plane pairs Total wiring (m) Internal wiring pitch (^m)

M-880 MP5800 Enterprise-G4 Enterprise-G5 HTCC LTCC HTCC/TF LTCC/TF Mullite/W GlassCeram/Cu Alumina/Mo Glass

106 x 106 115 x 115 and 127 x 127 127 x 127

0 0

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