Preface ix

1 Polymer Composites 1

John Shaffer, Theodore P. Philippidis, and Anastasios P. Vassilopoulos

2 Advanced Ceramic Materials 65

David W. Richerson

3 Continuous Fiber Ceramic Composites 89

James K. Wessel

4 Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Chip Carriers 129

John U. Knickerbocker and Sarah H. Knickerbocker

5 Intermetallics 149

James K. Wessel and Vinod Sikka

6 Metal Matrix Composites 165

Christopher A. Rodopoulos and James K. Wessel

7 Nickel and Nickel Alloys 217

8 Titanium Alloys 271

9 Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys 321

J. Randolph Kissell, Syros G. Pantelakis, and G. N. Haidemenopoulos

10 Functionally Graded Materials 465

Ivar E. Reimanis

11 Corrosion of Engineering Materials 487

Robert Akid

12 Standards and Codes for Advanced Materials 543

Michael G. Jenkins

13 Nondestructive Evaluation of Structural Ceramics 569

William A. Ellingson and Chris Deemer

14 Advances in Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Using 611 Laser-Based Solid Free-Form Fabrication

Eric Whitney


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