89 Alloy Selection

As discussed in Section 8.5 there are four classes of titanium alloys: the near a alloys, the a-P alloys, the P alloys, and the intermetallic titanium aluminides. A separate categorization can be made into those alloys used predominantly for corrosion resistance and those used in load-bearing structural applications. A partial listing of the currently most significant titanium alloys is given in Table 8.14.

Within the corrosion-resistant alloy category are the commercially pure grades and those alloys containing specific additions to enhance corrosion behavior (e.g., the platinum group metals such as Pt, Pd, and Ru).

A broad separation of the structural alloys can be made between those which are used predominantly at ambient temperatures and those intended for elevated temperature use [to 600°C (1100°F) for the terminal alloys, to as high as 900°C (1650°F) for the intermetallics based on the equiatomic TiAl].

TABLE 8.14 Table of Most Significant Titanium Alloys"


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