872 Intermetallic Alloys

Intermetallics will only be discussed briefly here, with emphasis on indicating how both chemistry and processing/microstructure can be adjusted to control mechanical properties.

Typical properties of the Ti3Al(a2) type of titanium aluminide are shown in Table 8.7 [13-15]. A good example of how microstructural control can lead to tailoring of the mechanical properties is the very high ambient temperature ductility obtained by special processing to produce an optimum amount of equiaxed primary a2.

Recently, control of the microstructure in TiAl(y) alloys, especially those in the two phase y + a2 phase field, has led to interesting mechanical property combinations, including an ambient temperature ductility of approximately 5%. A lenticular microstructure resulted in high toughness/low ductility, while the duplex microstructures give the opposite combination of properties (Table 8.8) [13, 14].

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