87 Mechanical Properties 871 Cast and Wrought Terminal Alloys

The mechanical properties of titanium alloys depend not only on the chemistry but are also strongly influenced by the microstructure as pointed out earlier, the latter in turn being dependent on the processing. The tensile properties of selected cast and wrought terminal titanium alloys are summarized in Table 8.2 [9].

TABLE 8.2 Compositions, Relative Densities, and Typical Room Temperature Tensile Properties of Selected Wrought Titanium Alloys"

Common Designations

Zr Mo V

Relative Other Density


0.2% Proof Tensile

Stress Strength Elongation (MPa) (MPa) (%)

a Alloys CP Ti 99.5% IMI 115, Ti-35A CP Ti 99.0% IMI 155, Ti-75A IMI 260 IMI 317 IMI 230

Near-a alloys 8-1-1 IMI 679

0 0

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