756Alloy 59 1990 to Present

As is evident from the composition of the various alloys of the C family, alloy 59 has the highest chromium plus molybdenum content with the lowest iron content of typically less than 1%. It is one of the highest nickel-containing alloy of this family and is the purest form of a "true" Ni-Cr-Mo alloy without the addition of any other alloying elements, such as tungsten, copper, or titanium. This "purity" and balance of alloy 59 in the ternary Ni-Cr-Mo system, is mainly responsible for the alloy's superior thermal stability behavior. The electron vacancy number, which used to be an important parameter in the "Phacomp calculations" for alloy development and for prediction of occurrence of various phases was later superseded by a recent and more precise "new Phacomp" methodology, proposed by

TABLE 7.6 3M Study—Hazardous Waste Incineration Scrubber Corrosion Data (1991 h)a




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