711 Applications Of Alloy 602ca

Due to the unique combination of the above mentioned properties, alloy 602CA has been extensively used in the following applications. More potential applications continue to develop via test programs being conducted in many industries and will be reported in future as they materialize.

• Heat Treatment Industry: Furnace rolls, bell furnaces, bright annealing furnaces, accessories and transport hooks for enameling furnaces, transport rollers for ceramic kilns, wire conveyor belts, anchor pins for refractories, tubes for bright annealing wires, and other furnace accessories

• Calciners: Rotary kilns for calcining and production of high-purity alumina, calcining of chromic iron ores to produce ferrochrome, production of nickel and cobalt oxides and reclamation of spent nickel catalysts from petrochemical industries

• Chemical/Petrochemical: (a) Production of hydrogen via a new steam reformer technology, (b) production of phenol from benzene via a new and cheaper process, and (c) pig tails in refinery reformer

• Automotive: Catalytic support systems, glow plugs, exhaust gas flaps

• Nuclear Industry: Vitrification of nuclear waste

• Metallurgy: Direct reduction of iron ore technology to produce sponge iron

A detailed description of some of these applications along with pictures of the various components fabricated from alloy 602CA are presented in the open literature [1, 13-15, 42, 43].

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