710 Fabricabilityweldability Of Alloy 602ca

Welding of alloy 602CA follows the same general rules established for welding other highly alloyed nickel base materials, where cleanliness is very important and critical. Heat input should be kept low with interpass temperatures not exceeding 150°C, preferably 120°C. The use of gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process and matching filler metal is recommended. For shielded metal arc welding matching electrodes are available. Submerged arc welding with a GTAW top layer has also been successfully used. Preheating is not required. The shielding gas for GTAW is argon +2% nitrogen, and its use is very critical in preventing any hot cracking. For gas metal arc welding (GMAW), the shielding gas is argon with additions of helium, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide (argon +5% nitrogen +5% helium +0.05% carbon dioxide). Details on welding parameters, hot working, cold working, heat treatment, descaling, and machining are presented elsewhere [42, 43].

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