Kb that showed the positive effect of Ni + Co, Mo, Si, Mn, Al, and C. The higher the value of this constant, the better was the performance of the alloy in carburizing environments.

In a recent study on metal dusting behavior of nine nickel base alloys and four Fe-Ni-Cr alloys tested in a carburizing H2-CO-H2O gas with a carbon activity aC >> 1 at 650° C, alloy 602CA was one of the most resistant material. Table 7.18 gives the tabular data for the various materials tested. One very important point to note is that these results were obtained on unstressed

TABLE 7.18 Total Exposure Times and Final Wastage Rates after Exposure in Carburizing CO-H2-H2O Gas at 650° C


Surface Condition

Total Exposure Time (h)

Final Metal Wastage Rate (mg/cm2 h)

0 0

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