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The future trends for area array ceramic include all aspects of advances in packaging with application focus on:

1. Higher performance server applications, high I/O single chip module (SCM) and complex MCMs for example

2. Communications for both wired and wireless applications, internet switches for example, and integrated function wireless digital-radio frequency mixed signal packages for hand-held applications requiring low power

3. High function interposer capacitors that provide capacitance directly to a chip

4. Base support for virtual chips or system on a package solutions either with or without thin-film wiring

5. High-performance and high-reliability applications such as space, automotive, telecommunications, military, and critical application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) requirements with high I/O and large die size

6. High-density probes and space transformers for electrical test probes and wafer probes

The future trends for area array ceramic include:

1. Automated design for advanced wiring and increasing numbers of nets

2. Automated design and modeling for function including integrated passives

3. Increased I/O and I/O density to a chip and from the package to the board

4. Higher wiring density in the chip carrier

5. Capability to tailor impedance for multiple circuits

6. Capability to support multiple voltages (3 plus)

7. High reliability surface mount and land grid array for connection to boards without reduction in thermal cycle performance, cost impact, or electrical impact

8. Support to each market segment where ceramic is optimized for cost and performance, using advances in materials and process technology to meet customer applications

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