42 Market Applications

Ceramic chip carriers are used to bridge between silicon die and organic boards for electronic systems within a specified market. The package or chip carrier generally provides the electrical, mechanical, and sometimes the thermal support base for semiconductor dies at a desired cost. Ceramic chip carriers are utilized in a wide array of products including high-performance applications, cost-performance applications, commodity applications, hand-held applications, automotive applications, and memory applications. Low-temperature co-firing ceramic applications include high performance such as mainframes and servers, cost-performance such as workstations, commodity such as high-performance games, and wireless applications for hand-held applications and use in automotive applications such as global positioning systems (GPS). Pin grid array (PGA)

and land grid array (LGA) are the ceramic chip carriers of choice for highperformance applications that require a demountable capability. For portable, lower cost solutions, ball grid array (BGA) and column grid array (CGA) solutions are often used, or when demounting is not a requirement.

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