327 Infrared Burners

Another application of tubular CFCC materials is in gas-fired infrared burners. These burners are used to dry paper, paint, textiles, and cure plastics. They are used instead of steam boxes, black-body infrared burners, and convective and electrical infrared heaters because they are more reliable, versatile, flexible, exhibit less heat loss, and are more efficient. Their heat can be applied exactly where it is needed. They have been made of metal, which has limited thermal stability, spectral control, and efficiency.

Continuous fiber-reinforced ceramic composite infrared heaters offer the advantages of ceramics plus the ability to tailor the spectral emission, through the addition of rare earths, to match that of the heated material. Typical burners of this type emit radiation over the full spectrum, although only a narrow spectrum of energy is required. By modifying the CFCC formula with the addition of rare earths, the spectral emission is controlled, matching water absorption wavelengths, thereby optimizing heat transfer. Selective emittance burners lower fuel consumption, result in faster heat-up and cool-down cycles, and increase the throughput of dried product, resulting in improved operating efficiency. CFCC thermal stability and thermal shock resistance improves durability, provides additional operating efficiency, and reduces life-cycle cost.

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