3213 Flame Stabilizer Ring

Over 55,000 MW of electricity is produced by steam generators using low NOx burners fueled with pulverized coal. The burner requires a flame-stabilizing ring at the end of the fuel nozzle. The ring anchors the flame to the end of the nozzle and promotes stability and rapid fuel devolatilization. The flame stabilizer ring is exposed to corrosive gases at 1100-1200°C (2000-2200°F). Metal rings degrade faster than the other burner components. CFCCs have the potential to meet the life goals and reduce downtime and maintenance.

Tests show that oxide-oxide CFCCs are the most chemically stable ring material in this application. Aluminum oxide fibers are woven into cloth, cut to the desired shape, and stacked in layers to the desired thickness. This fiber preform is infiltrated with a liquid sol matrix and then converted to aluminum oxide ceramic by heating.

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