27other Monolithic Advanced Ceramics

The ceramic materials discussed so far each are being used successfully in a wide range of applications. Many other monolithic ceramics have proven themselves in niche applications. For example, cordierite (a magnesium aluminosilicate that has low thermal expansion) has been used as a honeycomb structure catalyst substrate in automotive catalytic converter pollution control devices. Cordierite-based catalytic converters have saved us from over 1.5 billion tons of air pollution since they were introduced in the mid-1970s.

ZrB2 and some other diborides have demonstrated very high-temperature capability and are being evaluated for rocket nozzle liners and for the leading edges of hypersonic vehicles [16]. AlN has been developed with very high thermal conductivity and is beginning to find applications as tooling in the manufacture of integrated circuits. Boron carbide (B4C) has incredible hardness and has been used successfully as armor for personnel and military vehicles and also for wear resistance applications such as liners for sand blast nozzles [17].

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