1342 Delamination Detection

The detection of delaminations in ceramic matrix composites can be achieved in several ways. The choice of NDE method depends to a great extent upon the properties of the material (e.g., oxides vs. nonoxides), the presence of any protective coating (e.g., an environmental barrier coating), and to a limited extent upon the part shape and size. Detection of delaminations in melt-infiltrated (MI) SiC/SiC, chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) SiC/SiC, polymer impregnation processes (PIP) SiC/SiC, CVI C/SiC, C/C, and sol-gel infiltrated oxides have been shown to be detectable with thermal imaging [50-52], as well as with air-coupled ultrasonic methods [48]. Three examples will be given to demonstrate detectability.

Example 1 is for a PIP SiC/SiC. Example 2 is for a sol-gel oxide/oxide, and Example 3 is for a MI SiC/SiC with an environmental barrier coating.

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