1331 Green State Information 13311 Powders

The presence of impurities such as Fe and WC in the starting powders have been shown to be detrimental to ceramics and have been traced to ball milling and powder transfer operations [19, 20]. If present, these high-density particles can be carried on throughout the processing stages and become failure-causing flaws. Various NDE methods can be used to characterize these powders [20], but use of microfocus X-ray imaging [21, 22] has been shown to be able to quickly detect high-density impurities. It is important for radiographic imaging of these powders that small focal spot, microfocus, X-ray sources are used. These microfocus X-ray sources are important because they allow large magnification to be employed. Coupling a microfocus X-ray source to near real-time detectors allows this method to be implemented without high cost.

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