124 Summary And Conclusions

In this chapter, a broad overview of standards, design codes, and databases for advanced materials was provided. There are many standards bodies—nationally, regionally, and internationally—all producing standards (i.e., test methods, rules, and terms of information transfer) for advanced materials depending on industry demands or ad hoc programmes. Building on the work of the standards bodies are the design code writers who must incorporate standards and databases into the "general rules for design" while still fulfilling the requirements. Where infrastructures for creating standards and design codes for various materials (including advanced materials) are well established, no such infrastructure exists for databases. Databases are still being developed so as to be usable and consistent with modern engineering analysis tools. Development of useful databases requires effort both up and down stream of data collection. However, the current electronic-remote access databases show promise in being complete, usable, and updatable, not only for advanced materials but all engineering materials.

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