12272 CEN Standards for Advanced Materials

As shown in Table 12.3 there is a limited number of technical committees specifically dealing with advanced materials, although work on advanced materials may take place within committees dealing with broader topics than just materials. CEN standards can be accessed via the national standards institute of each

TABLE 12.2 Type and Actual Members of CEN

Type of Member

Member [Nation (Standards Body)]

National member (from EU, EFTA, and the Czech Republic) and the representative expertise


Affiliates (nations of Central and Eastern Europe expected to join CEN as full members in the coming years)

Corresponding organizations

Austria (ON), Belgium (IBN/BIN), Czech Republic (CSNI), Denmark (DS), Finland (SFS), France (AFNOR), Germany (DIN), Greece (ELOT), Iceland (STRi), Ireland (NSAI), Italy (UNI), Luxembourg (SEE), Netherlands (NNI), Norway (NSF), Portugal (IPQ), Spain (AENOR), Sweden (SIS), Switzerland (SNV), United Kingdom (BSI) ANEC, European Association for the cooperation of consumer representation in standardization; CEFIC, European Chemical Industry Council; EUCOMED, European Confederation of Medical Devices Associations; FIEC, European Construction Industry Federation; NORMAPME, European Office of Crafts, Trades and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for standardization; TUTB, European Trade Union Technical Bureau for Health and Safety Albania (DPS), Bulgaria (CSM), Croatia (DZNM), Cyprus (CYS), Estonia (EVS), Hungary (MSZH), Latvia (LVS), Lithuania (LST), Malta (Malta Standardization Authority, Poland (PKN), Romania (IRS), Slovakia (UNMS), Slovenia (SMIS), Turkey (TSE) Egypt (EOS), South Africa (SABS), Ukraine (DSTU), Yugoslavia, (SZS)

national member or the Catalogue of European Standards (either hard-copy form in printed books or in electronic form on compact disk) [12] or through the World Wide Web through CEN's web page [13].

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