12252JISC Standards for Advanced Materials

The work of the divisions within technical areas may be ad hoc or more often it is part of a mandated program of work. Because the standardization process of JISC is often mandated, the work is often accomplished through government-funded projects. JISC has three major domains of standards (see Fig. 12.3): substance or products (shape, dimensions, appearances, etc.), actions or methods (operations, procedures, or method), and basic (units, terminology, conditioning, classification, etc.). Figure 12.3 shows a very broad overview of divisions, some of which

Symbol: JIS C 7501

The letter "C" shows technical area

The 4-digit number "7501" shows the place in the JIS Division

Letter Division Symbol

Domain Aspects

A Civil Engineering and Architecture B Mechanical Engineering C Electronic and Electrical Engineering D Automotive Engineering E Railway Engineering F Shipbuilding

G Ferrous Materials and Metallurgy H Nonferrous Materials and Metallurgy K Chemical Engineering L Textile Engineering M Mining P Pulp and Paper Q Management System R Ceramics S Domestic Wares

T Medical Equipment and Safety Appliances W Aircraft and Aviation X Information Processing Z Miscellaneous

Substance Shape, (Products) Dimensions, some 4000 Structure Equipment, items installation, Components, Physical characteristics, Chemical characteristics, Appearance, Noise, Function, Performance, Capability (Power), Durability, Reliability, Maintainability, Safety, Others

Action Operation (Methods) Procedure some 1600 Methods items

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