1185 Metallic Coatings

Metallic coatings are commonly adopted being based upon the following application techniques:

• Metal spraying, for example, zinc and aluminum and their alloys. These metals are frequently applied to steel structures.

• Cladding, for example, aluminum and stainless steel applied to aluminum alloys and steels, respectively. This method produces a "sandwich"-type structure with the less corrosion-resistant substrate forming the inner layer of the sandwich.

• Hot dipping, for example, tin, zinc, and aluminum and their alloys. This method produces a coating with very good adhesion properties that can be made available in a variety of coating thickness.

• Electroplating, for example, copper, nickel, chromium, zinc, gold, and so forth. This method allows complex-shaped components to be coated with a relatively thin layer of the metal of interest. This coating method lends itself to batch production processing.

• Vacuum/vapor deposition, for example, titanium and complex titanium alloys (TiAlN). This method is relatively expensive and requires high capital expenditure equipment; however, extremely hard coatings can be applied to complex objects.

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