113 Corrosion Processes 1131 Basic Concepts

Numerous definitions of the term corrosion have been cited in the literature, each having its own respective merits. Here corrosion is defined as the degradation of a metal or alloy arising from the interaction of the material with an aggressive environment. Degradation may be in the form of loss of aesthetic appearance or loss of structural integrity, either of which may result in the component or structure being deemed "unacceptable." Such a definition provides suitable discrimination between the deterioration and transformation definitions of corrosion [8]. The latter relates to the transformation of a metal to an oxide to form an adherent protective oxide film, for example, Ti ^ TiO2, Al ^ Al2O3, etc. Corrosion will, unless otherwise stated, be considered as an electrochemical process with the specific requirements of an anode, a cathode, a conducting electrolyte, and a metallic path connecting the anode and cathode sites.

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