8017 0.10 0.55-0.8 0.10-0.20 — 0.01-0.05 — — 0.05 — 0.03© 0.10 Remainder

8030 0.10 0.30-0.8 0.15-0.30 — 0.05 — — 0.05 — 0.03© 0.10 Remainder

8176 0.03-.015 0.40-1.0 — — — — — 0.10 — 0.05© 0.15 Remainder

8177 0.10 0.25-0.45 0.04 — 0.04-0.12 — — 0.05 — 0.03© 0.10 Remainder

Source: Aluminum Association [5, 6].

Note: Listed herein are designations and chemical composition limits for some wrought unalloyed aluminum and for wrought aluminum alloys registered with The Aluminum Association. This list does not include all alloys registered with The Aluminum Association. A complete list of registered designations is contained in the "Registration Record of International Alloy Designations and Chemical Composition Limits for Wrought Aluminum and Wrought Aluminum Alloys." These lists are maintained by the Technical Committee on Product Standards of the Aluminum Association. ©Composition in percent by weight maximum unless shown as a range or a minimum.

©Except for "Aluminum" and "Others," analysis normally is made for elements for which specific limits are shown. For purposes of determining conformance to these limits, an observed value or a calculated value obtained from analysis is rounded off to the nearest unit in the last right-hand place of figures used in expressing the specified limit, in accordance with ASTM Recommended Practice E 29. ©The sum of those "Other" metallic elements 0.010% or more each, expressed to the second decimal before determining the sum.

©The aluminum content for unalloyed aluminum not made by a refining process is the difference between 100.00% and the sum of all the other metallic elements present in amounts of 0.010% or more each, expressed to the second decimal before determining the sum.

©Also contains 0.40-0.7% each of lead and bismuth.

©Electric conductor. Formerly designated EC.

©Cladding alloy.

©Vanadium 0.05% maximum.

©Also contains 0.20-0.6% each of lead and bismuth.

©Brazing alloy.

©Bus conductor.

©Vanadium plus titanium 0.02% maximum; boron 0.05% maximum; gallium 0.03% maximum. ©Zirconium 0.08-0.20.

©Silicon 45-65% of actual magnesium content.

©Beryllium 0.0008 maximum for welding electrode and welding rod only.

©Gallium 0.03% maximum; vanadium 0.05% maximum.

©In addition to those alloys referencing footnote©, a 0.0008 weight % maximum beryllium is applicable to any alloy to be used as welding electrode or welding rod. ©Zirconium 0.08-0.15.

©"Others" includes listed elements for which no specific limit is shown as well as unlisted metallic elements. The producer may analyze samples for trace elements not specified in the registration or specification.

However, such analysis is not required and may not cover all metallic "Other" elements. Should any analysis by the producer or the purchaser establish that an "Others" elements exceeds the limit of "Total," the material shall be considered nonconforming.

©Boron 0.04% maximum; lithium 0.003% maximum.

©Gallium 0.03% maximum.

TABLE 9.3 Foreign Alloy Designations and Similar AA Alloys


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