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Figure 3.13 Teamworking and planners must work as a team and actively seek creative solutions which will eliminate both waste and equipment-related quality problems once and for all!

An often-asked question is 'How does the 5S/CAN DO fit within the TPM activity?' One way of explaining it is to again use the analogy of the football team. As stated above, in this scenario, the operators are the attackers and the maintainers are the defenders.

However, they need a football to play with. The football is the structured and detailed nine-step TPM methodology of measurement, condition and problem-prevention activities, as applied to the critical machines and equipment (Figure 3.6).

There is, however, little point in having an excellent team with a powerful football if the pitch is in a dreadful state - namely the workplace and its organization. Under the TPM umbrella, the team takes responsibility for marking out the pitch, cutting the grass and putting up the goal nets and corner flags. This is the 5S/CAN DO activity which the team is responsible for, rather than it being delegated or subcontracted to a groundsman.

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