TPM in administration

10.1 An overview

Developed from its original well-proven roots of Total Productive Maintenance, Totally Productive Operations (TPO) looks at the complete value stream. Key components of this are TPM (Total Productive Manufacturing) and TPA (Total Productive Administration), as shown in Figure 10.1.

The value stream is driven by customer demand, and hence we have to maximize value across the chain.

Our goal is to maximize added value by eliminating waste 'in all that we do'. In the case of TPA we might add the phrase 'in support of our customers and core business processes'.

Some typical, but not exhaustive, application areas are shown below:

Management Information




Human Resources


Quality Assurance & Control

Sales Force Activity

Order Processing

Design & Engineering Research & Development Project Management Marketing

Training & Development Production Scheduling Despatch and Delivery

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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