Preventive maintenance

In the TPM improvement plan (Figure 3.19) this aspect is covered by steps 4 to 7 of the condition cycle. The key step is number 7, where the future asset care regime is determined by the TPM team, and is based on the principles illustrated in Figure 3.12.

The detailed approach to planned preventive maintenance will vary from plant to plant and from industry to industry, but an effective prevention-driven maintenance system is essential. However, unnecessarily intrusive maintenance should be avoided. If the equipment is running smoothly and no signs of defects or malfunctions are noticed in the daily routine of cleaning and inspection or through condition monitoring, then it is pointless to strip and rebuild the machine simply because it has been laid down as part of the maintenance plan. Highly sophisticated sensors and software are available to forestall failure in all types of rotating machinery, and they are non-intrusive. However, in TPM the best condition monitor is an operator who is in harmony with his equipment and who has a sense of ownership of that equipment. This leads on to the third principle.

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